Q : Who is eligible for an FMCC loan?

A : PTC Group Global Maritime Professionals (GMPs) working with  PTC, Jebsen PTC, MSC, RCCL who are already onboard or have been assigned to a vessel and have been given a confirmed departure date are eligible for FMCC loans. Their allottees are eligible for FMCC loans, as well.

Q : What are the loan requirements?
  1. A PTC Group GMP Contract issued by  PTC, Jebsen PTC, MSC, or RCCL
  2. Home Allotment Slip
  3. Seaman’s book or Passport (valid ID)
Q : How much is the interest rate?

A : At FMCC, we make loan products accessible to our GMPs and their families. We always keep our interest rate below industry levels.

Q : How much is the maximum loanable amount?

A : In keeping with industry standards, loanable amounts vary depending on salary levels.

Q : How many processing days?

A : If all requirements are met and documents are in order, FMCC can complete loan approval and releasing of funds on the same day.